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EpsonĀ® SureColor Sublimation Printers & Craft Kits

Our sublimation blanks deserve the best! That's why we love the vivid & crisp prints made with the EpsonĀ® F170 SureColor Printer!

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current sublimation printer or start a sublimation hobby (or business) we have the printers or craft kits you need, to get started!

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Premium Tumblers for Crafters

Our premium tumblers come with everything you need for resale!

MATCHING GIFT BOXES. Tumblers are packaged in premium window display gift boxes!

STRAWS & LIDS INCLUDED. Tumblers include a straw that is packaged within the gift box!

CARE CARD INCLUDED. Inside each tumbler you will find a complimentary care card!

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How To Sublimate a 20oz Skinny

Once you have the equipment, sublimation crafting is easy and fun! Read the full guide here.


Let's Sublimate This Tumbler!


Measure Your Tumbler

Step 2

Print & Trim Your Design

Step 3

Secure Design With Heat Tape

Step 4

Ready For Sublimation

Step 5

Place In The Oven

Step 6

Let It Cool, Unpeel & Enjoy!


Your Sublimated Tumbler

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Shop everything you need to get started in sublimation tumbler crafting!

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Featured Blank

Craftable Pens & Pencils

A newer item in our collection and a crafter favorite! Our Crafter Gel Pens & Pencils can be epoxied, rhinestone blinged, sublimated and hydro dipped!

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