CrystaLac Brite Tone (BT) Clear Flat Matte Finish

CrystaLac Brite Tone (BT) Clear Flat Matte Finish

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Extreme Protection (EP) vs. Brite Tone (BT):

In regards to tumblers, the EP is used to hold down the glitters and micas in between coats. The BT Flat Matte is what you need to give a Matte finish on the tumbler.

Brite Tone Finish is a High Solids, Super Hard, Scratch resistant, Clear Finish with exceptional Clarity. It is by far CrystaLac's hardest and clearest top coat. Brite Tone will build to a high depth very quickly due to its high solids content and will not leave a blue cast on dark exotic wood. Adheres to wood, metal and glass.

Excellent for use on Tumblers, Instruments, Tables, Bar Tops, Bowl Turning & More...

  • Water Clean up - All brushes can be rinsed with Water!
  • Easy to Use - Can be Brushed or Sprayed. Self leveling.
  • Environmentally Safe - Low V.O.C  - No Toxic Chemicals used and No Obnoxious Paint Odor.
  • Quick Drying - 1 to 2 Hours. Can be re-coated every 3 - 4 hours.
  • Scratch and Chemical Resistant.
  • Made in the USA