Leslie Miramontes

January 2024
Meet Leslie

Miramontes Customz

Victorville, California

Sublimation crafts, Epoxy crafts, Side hustler, Full time crafter

Tell us about yourself and how you got into crafting…

Hi I’m Leslie!

I’m the owner of Miramontes Customz. Growing up I always had a love for anything that allowed me to express myself through art! I first started crafting in 2018 for fun and by 2019 I launched my full time small business where I offered all things custom. I offer a variety of different items like unique epoxy and sublimation tumblers, wooden door hangers signs, and crewnecks! I not only sell online but also attend a variety of large events which have opened the doors to so many great opportunities! It’s been nothing but fun and amazing experiences since then! I’m just happy to be able to create and share my creations with the world! :)

What items do you craft the most; and when and what inspired you to start making crafted goods for others?

I love working with both Epoxy and Sublimation. Creating my own custom tumblers and toppers are my favorite items to customize, the possibilities are endless! I took a big leap of faith when I began offering my items to customers, but to be honest what I loved most was the excitement of being able to create something that is custom and handmade by me. Sharing my creations with the world and having my customers support is what made me the happiest!

What do you enjoy most about crafting? Do you have a special crafting space? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The freedom to express myself through my work is what I enjoy the most about crafting. Just being able to share my ideas and see them come to life is truly something special! Yes! I have my own little office, the perfect place to escape to and create! but like every crafter says “it’s always a little chaotic in there” Lol. A lot of my inspiration comes from my favorite interests, or what I think others would love! But sometimes the ideas just flow!

What crafting projects are you working on at the moment?

I was working on Christmas shop drop! But soon I’ll be moving onto Valentines Day! I know sounds too early but in the crafting world we definitely have to move fast! Lol I’ll be introducing a few different tumbler designs and techniques that I can’t wait to share!

What to you is “the best thing” about crafting and what would you say is “the most challenging or difficult”?

The best thing about crafting is just being able to move at your own pace, create whatever comes to mind, and just be able to see how you can transform something so simple into something so beautiful! I would say that the most challenging thing would be that you have to be willing to accept your mistakes. Making mistakes definitely comes easy when you’re working with epoxy or sublimation so you have to be able to just roll with the punches and try your best to fix or save your mistake. Being positive and creative definitely comes in handy!

What’s next on the horizon for your crafting journey? Are there new crafts you are looking to learn, conquer or explore?

Being a part of the crafting community has definitely been an adventure. One main lesson I learned is that the sun shines for everyone. Everyone has their own unique flare and their own story. This is what attracts your customers, your viewers, and supporters. Helping or supporting another crafter won’t hurt or damage you in any way. Be confident in what you do and spread love and positivity into your community.Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with fellow crafters about crafting that we didn’t ask you today?

Enjoy what you do, allow crafting to be your safe space. Never allow anyone to stop you from sharing your creations with the world no matter how big Or how small!