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Pinners Conference and Discounts

Makerflo Crafts Will Be Attending Pinners This Year!


What is Crystalac? How do I use it? What do I need to purchase?

How do I use a MFC eGift Card?


What is Shipping?

International Shipping

How long does it take to ship and receive an order?

What do I do if my package shows delivered but I did not receive it?

Do you offer store pickup?

Why does my Tracking Number status say "Update?"


Rush Processing

Do you have a Mobile APP?

Do you offer any coupons?

What is an Ice Test and How is it Performed?

Do you offer payment options like Sezzle or Afterpay?

Do you have a Facebook Group?

How can I be notified of Restocks and Product Releases?

What do I do if I am missing items from my order?

Why am I not seeing all the payment options?

Returns & Exchanges

What is the Return Policy?

What is the Exchange Policy?

Taxes & Billing

Can I submit my Resale Certificate to become Tax Exempt?

Shop Pay Installments FAQ

What is Shop Pay Installments?

Will using the installments feature on Shop Pay impact my credit score?

Which payment methods are accepted if I use the option to pay in installments on Shop Pay?

Are there late fees?

What if I make a return on a purchase made through installments with Shop Pay?

How can I manage my Shop Pay account or change payment methods and addresses?

My installments payment using Shop Pay was rejected - why?

I have more questions

Sezzle Payments FAQ

What is Sezzle, and how does it work?

How does Sezzle impact my credit score?

How do I know my Sezzle limit?

Why was I declined for an order?

I need to update my account information