DIY Crafting Guides

Learn how to craft our most popular tumblers and blanks with epoxy, sublimation, engraving or hyrdo dipping! Our guides provide you with the step by step processes and tips from experienced crafters in our community.


Learn Sublimation, Epoxy, Engraving & More!

  • How To Sublimate A 20oz. Skinny

    A comprehensive guide to sublimating our most popular tumbler: The 20 oz. Skinny Sublimation tumbler. This guide covers everything you'll need and tips from crafters for both the oven or mug press method.

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  • Get Started: Sublimation

    Thinking about breaking into sublimation crafts? Get the low down on equipment and supplies to get started in sublimation crafts, do's and don'ts and more from experienced MakerFlo Crafters

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  • Sublimation FAQ's

    Answers to the questions we most commonly get from crafter's at trade shows about sublimating tumblers and more!

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  • How to Make an Epoxy Glitter Tumbler

    A step by step guide to making on how to make a glitter tumbler with epoxy, along with everything you'll need and tips from MakerFlo Crafters!

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  • Get Started: Epoxy Glitter Tumblers

    Curious about how to make those sparkly glittery tumblers? Learn about crafting with epoxy from all the different things you can make and tips on getting started.

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  • Glitter Guide

    Our guide to all things glitter from styles such as color shift and holographic, which glitter size is easiest to work with and more tips for selecting the best glitters for your projects!

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  • Epoxy FAQ's

    Get answers to common questions about epoxy crafting written for all levels of crafters from beginner to experienced.

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  • How to Hydro Dip a 12oz. Camper Mug

    So much fun and easy for newbie crafters who just want to "dip" their toes into the world of crafting! This guide can be applied to many items which you can hydro dip including tumblers, pens and so much more!

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  • Get Started: Laser Engraving

    Get all the deets on the exciting world of laser engraving. Learn the equipment needs and techniques for engraving tumblers, wood blanks, glass and more.

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  • Laser Engraving FAQ's

    We answer your most commonly asked questions about Laser Engraving here!

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  • Get Started: UV Resin Crafting

    Everything we love about crafting with UV resin, what you can make and how to get started!

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  • How To Make UV Resin Bezel Jewelry

    Who doesn't love jewelry? In this guide, MakerFlo's Sam Carter shows you how to make beautiful charms for bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

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⚑️ Quick Guide ⚑️

Prepping Tumblers For Epoxy Crafting


Sand Your Tumbler

When prepping a tumbler, we would recommend using 220-400 grit sandpaper.


Do The Water Test

The water test lets you know if you've properly sanded your tumbler so that your paint, epoxy and glitter will adhere to the tumbler


Wipe it Down

Using a gloves, rubbing alchol and a coffee filter, wipe down your tumbler to remove any oils or finger prints.


Set up your turner and craft area

When working with epoxy you'll have to complete everything you need to do before your epoxy mix starts to harden. That's why it's important to start with everything you need ready.

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