127 Unique Laser Engraving & Cutting Ideas Your Customers Will Love

127 Unique Laser Engraving & Cutting Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Looking for creative ideas for your laser engraving business, hobby, or side hustle?

Then you’re going to love this! 🥰

We’ve gathered 127 unique laser engraving ideas you can make with your laser engraver.

Quick Refresher: Visit our beginner’s guide to laser engraving if you want to review the basics!

Disclaimer: Please do not copy other crafter’s designs. These ideas are meant to inspire you to create something new with your own great ideas!

Now, without further ado, let’s get onto the list ✨

#1 - Powder-Coated Tumblers

Powder-Coated Tumblers

Sip your coffee in style with a laser-engraved skinny or full-sized tumbler.

Materials Used: Coated Metal

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#2 - Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs

Any powder-coated metal, like these love-themed mugs, can be engraved.

Materials Used: Coated Metal

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#3 - Water Bottles

Water Bottles

These water bottles make great gifts for non-coffee-drinkers!

Materials Used: Coated Metal

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#4 - Wine Tumblers

Wine Tumblers

These Mr. and Mrs. wine tumblers make a great wedding gift.

Materials Used: Coated Metal

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#5 - Whiskey Decanters

Whiskey Decanters

Whiskey decanters make great gifts for retirement, passing the bar, getting married, and other significant occasions.

Materials Used: Glass

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#6 - Rock Glasses

Rock Glasses

Engrave a set of glasses to match a personalized whiskey decanter.

Materials Used: Glass

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#7 - Pocket Knives

Pocket Knives

The base of this knife is perfect for engraving a name or short message.

Materials Used: Wood

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#8 - Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are large, giving you plenty of space to customize them with designs.

Materials Used: Wood

Buy this Blank: Wooden Cutting Boards

#9 - Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes

Customize a memory box for a thoughtful gift or a personal keepsake.

Materials Used: Wood

Buy this Blank: Wooden Memory Boxes

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#10 - BBQ Grill Sets

BBQ Grill Sets

This grill set can be personalized with the chef’s name for a fun gift.

Materials Used: Wood

Buy this Blank: BBQ Grill Set

#11 - Spatulas


Any tool with a wooden handle, like this grilling spatula, can be customized with a personal message.

Materials Used: Wood

Buy this Blank: BBQ Grilling Spatula

#12 - Bark Slices

Bark Slices

These bark slices (which we sell in our shop!) make great coasters, wedding favors, ornaments, and so much more!

Materials Used: Wood

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#13 - Hammers


Even tools can become heartfelt gifts if you engrave a message onto them.

Materials Used: Wood

Buy this Blank: 16oz Hammer

#14 - Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Boards

This charcuterie board has a wood insert that’s ready for engraving.

Materials Used: Wood

Buy this Blank: Marble Charcuterie Board

#15 - Combs


Personalize a wooden comb with a name or simple design.

Materials Used: Wood

Buy this Blank: Wooden Comb

#16 - Passport Holder

Passport Holder

Leather engraves beautifully with the right settings, like these passport holders.

Materials Used: Leather

#17 - Personalized Sign

Personalized Sign

Create eye-catching personalized signage on a simple sheet of wood.

Materials Used: Wood

#18 - Candle Holder

Candle Holder

This wooden lid is perfect for engraving.

Materials Used: Wood, Glass

#19 - Slate Coaster

Slate Coaster

Source: LaserChimp on Etsy

These coasters use slate to create a subdued but stylish engraved design.

Materials Used: Stone

#20 - Puzzle Coasters

Puzzle Coasters

Source: LaserChimp on Etsy

This Etsy shop has combined etching and cutting to create coasters that fit together like a puzzle.

Materials Used: Wood

#21 - Laser-Cut Wooden Signs

Laser-Cut Wooden Signs

Source: FalkelDesign on Etsy

Cut out letters with a laser cutter and apply them to wood planks to make a rustic sign.

Materials Used: Wood

#22 - Wooden Flowers

Wooden Flowers

Source: 12ElevenAtelier on Etsy

A laser can quickly cut flowers out of thin wood for an alternative to the traditional bouquet.

Materials Used: Wood

#23 - Maps


Source: DifferentMaps on Etsy

This project takes time and effort, but it recreates a spot on the map with wood and blue-dyed epoxy.

Materials Used: Wood, Epoxy

#24 - Clocks


Source: PaladimStudio on Etsy

All you need to do is cut out a clock, etch your design, and add the clock’s hands back in for a personalized clock face.

Materials Used: Wood

#25 - Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers

Source: LaserChimp on Etsy

These bottle openers help mark a special occasion with a heartfelt message.

Materials Used: Wood

#26 - Guestbook


Source: RedBerryGuestBooks on Etsy

This custom guestbook features the wedding couple’s name and wedding date.

Materials Used: Wood

#27 - Street Maps

Street Maps

Source: Kustwood on Etsy

We love this unique street map sign cut out with a laser cutter.

Materials Used: Wood

#28 - Wine Boxes

Wine Boxes

Source: LaserChimp on Etsy

These wine boxes are customized with details about a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other big celebration.

Materials Used: Wood

#29 - Personalized Pencils

Personalized Pencils

Source: MunsellMade on Etsy

Pencils are small but oh so needed for a teacher and classroom, and the personalized message makes them hard to lose!

Materials Used: Wood

#30 - Custom Dice Games

Custom Dice Games

Source: TwoTmbleweeds on Etsy

This Etsy shop has created a custom game to come up with meal ideas using laser-engraved dice.

Materials Used: Wood

#31 - Glass Coffee Mugs

Glass Coffee Mugs

Source: YoonekGifts on Etsy

You can engrave glass, too, like these adorable clear coffee mugs.

Materials Used: Glass

#32 - Pantry Jars

Pantry Jars

Source: PomchickGift on Etsy

Any jar with a wooden lid is a prime candidate for engraving, like these pantry jars.

Materials Used: Wood

#33 - Laser-Cut Ornaments

Laser-Cut Ornaments

Source: ResWoodDesignsUS on Etsy

You no longer have to search for the perfect ornament. You can make it yourself!

Materials Used: Wood, Acrylic

#34 - Sippy Cups

Sippy Cups

Source: MENGCACA on Etsy

These sippy cups are personalized with the child’s name etched in silicone.

Materials Used: Silicone

#35 - Awards


Source: WoodenGiftLT on Etsy

A creative use of your laser machine: cutting and engraving an award for a competition or ceremony.

Materials Used: Acrylic(?)

#36 - Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized Wedding Favors

Source: MunsellMade on Etsy

This Etsy shop uses bark slices to create clever gifts and seat markers for a wedding.

Materials Used: Bark Slices

#37 - Embossed Rolling Pin

Embossed Rolling Pin

Source: MoodForWood on Etsy

Engrave designs into a rolling pin to create textured baked goods with charming shapes on them.

Materials Used: Wood

#38 - Pet Tags

Pet Tags

Source: BAMALITRENDZ on Etsy

This Etsy shop customizes steel pet tags with the pet’s name and likeness.

Materials Used: Stainless Steel

#39 - Engraved Lockets

Engraved Lockets

Source: SilkPurseSowsEar on Etsy

A high-powered, high-resolution engraver can etch into metal like this locket.

Materials Used: Brass, Silver

#40 - Laser-Cut Family Portraits

Laser-Cut Family Portraits

Source: ShapesAndFaces on Etsy

These laser-cut wooden portraits put a fun twist on the traditional family picture.

Materials Used: Wood

#41 - Monogrammed Collar Stays

Monogrammed Collar Stays

Source: ModestLaser on Etsy

Simple, but elegant.

Materials Used: Wood

#42 - Wooden Spoons

Wooden Spoons

Source: SunspotEmporium on Etsy

Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen drawers with a custom-engraved wooden spoon.

Materials Used: Wood

#43 - Wooden Phone Cases

Wooden Phone Cases

Source: kajostore on Etsy

Even phone cases can be made of wood, like this stunning case design from kajostore on Etsy.

Materials Used: Wood

#44 - Bookmarks


Source: renardeendormie on Etsy

Bookmarks make it easy to practice with your laser engraver on thinner pieces of wood.

Materials Used: Wood

#45 - Gold Bracelets

Gold Bracelets

Source: SarahEliseJewelry on Etsy

So many people love having jewelry with their name or a meaningful word inscribed on it.

Materials Used: Gold

#46 - Bar Necklaces

Bar Necklaces

Source: ModernOut on Etsy

This masculine bar necklace is a great alternative to the delicate gold bracelet.

Materials Used: Stainless Steel

#47 - Bibs


Source: RBcraftandmore on Etsy

Anything silicone can be engraved with the right settings, like these sweet toddler bibs.

Materials Used: Silicone

#48 - Wooden Greeting Cards

Wooden Greeting Cards

Source: HereafterLA on Etsy

What a creative idea!

Materials Used: Wood

#49 - Glasses Stand

Glasses Stand

Source: LaserChimp on Etsy

A fun product idea that you don’t see very often.

Materials Used: Wood

#50 - Champagne Box

Champagne Box

Source: CreatedEspForYou on Etsy

This custom-engraved champagne box celebrates an engagement, complete with names and a special message from the gift giver.

Materials Used: Wood

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#51 - Preserved Letters

Preserved Letters

Source: ZehrCustomEngraving on Etsy

Preserve a letter and make a beautiful decorative object by scanning it and etching it into acrylic.

Materials Used: Acrylic

#52 - Wine Glasses

Source: CreatedByZoeAU on Etsy

Wine glasses with names etched into them are popular for bachelorette parties, weddings, and other special gatherings.

Materials Used: Glass

#53 - Leather Snap Keychain

Laser Cutting Engraving Ideas Leather Snap Keychain

Source: YoakumLeather on Etsy

It’s easy to engrave names and words into leather bands, like this snap keychain.

Materials Used: Leather

#54 - Rulers

Laser Cutting Engraving Ideas Personalized Ruler

Source: JustWoodGB on Etsy

A great product idea for teachers and students.

Materials Used: Wood

#55 - Wooden Bouquets

Laser Cutting Engraving Ideas Wooden Flower Bouquet

Source: BitsOfImperfection on Etsy

This wooden bouquet combines a flower gift with a greeting card for a nice gift that doesn’t wilt.

Materials Used: Wood

#56 - Recipe Cards

Laser Cutting Engraving Ideas Wooden Recipe Cards

Source: ForesightLaser on Etsy

Create permanent recipe cards by scanning in recipe card images and engraving them into thin pieces of wood.

Materials Used: Wood

#57 - Trucker Hats with Leather Patches

Laser Cutting & Engraving Ideas  Trucker Hats with Leather Patch

Source: PecuLeather on Etsy

These leather patches are engraved with a custom logo, then stitched into the hat.

Materials Used: Leather

#58 - Wooden Vases

Wooden Vases

Source: jesslovesjoe on Etsy

Another take on the wooden bouquet trend. This one puts a personal message onto a wooden base that can hold actual flowers inside.

Materials Used: Wood

#59 - Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding Table Numbers

Source: ForestLion on Etsy

These thicker bark slices make beautiful table decorations for a wedding.

Materials Used: Wood

#60 - Customized Game Boards

Customized Game Boards

Source: TheBoardGenius on Etsy

You can craft your own board games or extend popular games like Catan by cutting out and engraving pieces of wood.

Materials Used: Wood

#61 - Thank You Tags

Thank You Tags

Source: CorkCountryCottage on Etsy

These sweet thank-you tags are easy to engrave and add a finishing touch to a gift.

Materials Used: Wood

#62 - Fun Necklaces

Fun Necklaces

Source: designosaurYEAH on Etsy

If your laser cutter can cut through acrylic, you’ve got endless options for jewelry and accessories you can make!

Materials Used: Acrylic

#63 - Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings

Source: PottsUpscaledDesigns on Etsy

A simple but elegant napkin ring for a wedding or reception.

Materials Used: Acrylic

#64 - Name Plate for Horses

Name Plate for Horses

Source: LoneLunaGoods on Etsy

Another intuitive way to use engraved leather. This Etsy shop creates custom leather name tags to tie onto horse bridles.

Materials Used: Leather

#65 - Garden Signs

Garden Signs

Source: CraftyNicksDesigns on Etsy

If you know someone who loves to garden, you can create custom garden signs and accessories with stone.

Materials Used: Slate

#66 - Dog Collars

Dog Collars

Source: shopmimigreen on Etsy

This Etsy shop takes blank dog collars and engraves the dog’s name and owner’s contact information onto each one.

Materials Used: Metal

#67 - USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives

Source: SameDayFlash on Etsy

This wooden USB drive is a clever idea and forms a great piece of branding for any business that uses them publicly.

Materials Used: Wood

#68 - Flower Presses

Flower Presses

Source: KnotteStore on Etsy

Dress up a flower press with an elegant custom design.

Materials Used: Wood

#69 - Wooden Blocks

Wooden Blocks

Source: MakerMindToys on Etsy

Children and parents love wooden toys, so why not make your own?

Materials Used: Wood

#70 - Wine Holders

Wine Holders

Source: BriskwoodDesign on Etsy

This Etsy shop has created an intuitive wine holder with what looks like several thin layers of wood, all cut in the same shape.

Materials Used: Wood

#71 - Engraved Easter Eggs

Engraved Easter Eggs

Source: DelovelyDetails on Etsy

If your laser cutter can handle curves, this is a fun idea to celebrate Easter.

Materials Used: Wood

#72 - Earrings


Source: SINAhandmade on Etsy

If you can cut wood and acrylic, you can make custom earrings for your customers.

Materials Used: Acrylic, Wood

#73 - Business Card Holders

Business Card Holders

Source: BAwoodLV on Etsy

This business card holder is simple but easy to create. You could even engrave a logo or name onto the front.

Materials Used: Wood

#74 - Photo Blocks

Photo Blocks

Source: ElkwoodDesignsAU on Etsy

This photo block is a special way to show someone you care.

Materials Used: Wood

#75 - Music Boxes

Music Boxes

Source: miium on Etsy

A music box can capture a special song for a couple or a lullaby for a child, complete with the recipient’s name and wedding date or birthday.

Materials Used: Wood

#76 - Hairbrushes


Source: InfinityLasers on Etsy

A wooden hairbrush gets a personalized touch with this design from InfinityLasers on Etsy.

Materials Used: Wood

#77 - Piggy Banks

Piggy Banks

Source: WoodlyGift on Etsy

A more complicated project than the others, but if you can cut wood and acrylic, you could make something like this.

Materials Used: Wood, Acrylic

#78 - Perpetual Calendars

Source: viktanet on Etsy

This beautiful design can be used year-round.

Materials Used: Wood

#79 - Leather Trays

Leather Trays

Source: ThePathLessTraveled on Etsy

A classy product idea.

Materials Used: Leather, Metal

#80 - Laser-Cut Art

Laser-Cut Art

Source: ScaledDimensions on Etsy

Did you know that laser engravers can cut paper? You can cut small pieces with intricate shapes, then put them together to make art.

Materials Used: Paper

#81 - Sundials


Source: PBsTimeTravel on Etsy

Make beautiful, one-of-a-kind products with the right blank and an intricate, unique design like this.

Materials Used: Wood, Glass

#82 - Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps

Source: PaperStreetStampShop on Etsy

Yes, if you engrave rubber from a rubber stamp, you can create custom stamps like this one. Not many people make these, so it’s got lots of potential.

Materials Used: Wood, Rubber

#83 - Cookie Stamps

Cookie Stamps

Source: RollingPinCollection on Etsy

Instead of making a rubber stamp, you could make cookie stamps instead.

Materials Used: Wood

#84 - Tape Measures

Tape Measures

Source: GraceJewelsDesign on Etsy

It’s not clear from the picture what material was engraved to make these custom tape measures, but it’s a cool idea nonetheless.

Materials Used: Unknown

#85 - Engraved Necklaces

Engraved Necklaces

Source: PicturePerfectPP on Etsy

Little pendants like these never go out of style.

Materials Used: Metal

#86 - Cufflinks


Source: TheDribblyYak on Etsy

You’ve seen metal cufflinks. These are wooden cufflinks, which are much easier to engrave.

Materials Used: Wood, Metal

#87 - Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags

Source: LittleDotStudio on Etsy

Acrylic pieces like this one can become an easy-to-use luggage tag.

Materials Used: Acrylic

#88 - Guitar Pick Boxes

Guitar Pick Boxes

Source: MasterpieceLaser on Etsy

An intricate guitar sketch engraved on a guitar pick case.

Materials Used: Wood

#89 - Velvet Bags

Source: RoseandJack on Etsy

Add a personalized touch to velvet bags for a sweet accessory.

Materials Used: Velvet

#90 - Keyrings


Source: threepeakscompany on Etsy

Keyrings are easy to cut and engrave. Attach a ring and it’s ready to go!

Materials Used: Wood

#91 - Garden Markers

Source: TheBurnBoutique on Etsy

Acrylic herb markers could be customized for any plant or made to order.

Materials Used: Acrylic

#92 - Bobble Heads

Bobble Heads

Source: TroutWorkshop on Etsy

This Etsy shop makes little bobblehead dolls with (we’re assuming) customer faces and names.

Materials Used: Wood

#93 - Mirrors


Source: PramisHolz on Etsy

Create mirrors using your own aesthetic using a laser cutter.

Materials Used: Wood, Glass

#94 - Personalized Leather Bag

Personalized Leather Bag

Source: LessMoreBag on Etsy

This is a pre-made leather bag, but the shop offers laser-engraved personalization for an added touch.

Materials Used: Leather

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#95 - Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles

Source: MatriceGifts on Etsy

Personalized belt buckles for business people, companies, or fashion designers. You’d need a pretty powerful laser cutter for this.

Materials Used: Metal

#96 - Photo Frames

Source: CustomWoodWonders on Etsy

If you can find good wooden frames, you could create endless design options for customers to make personalized photo frames.

Materials Used: Wood

#97 - Baby Books

Baby Books

Source: mywoodenLOVE on Etsy

This baby book has a custom-made cover with the child’s name, birthday, and measurements.

Materials Used: Wood

#98 - Reasons Why I Love You Box

Reasons Why I Love You Box

Source: WillowandMistGifts on Etsy

A sweet gift idea: customers can write reasons why they love someone special, and each one is engraved on a heart-shaped card and arranged in a memory box.

Materials Used: Wood

#99 - Wine Bottle Tags

Wine Bottle Tags

Source: ThebaHandmade on Etsy

These wooden tags are a classy way to gift a bottle of wine. Looks like this one was created for a real estate agent to gift to new homeowners.

Materials Used: Wood

#100 - Brooches


Source: kateslittlestore on Etsy

Tiny wood designs can be made into brooches by affixing a pin to the back.

Materials Used: Wood, Stone

#101 - Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Source: TheBespokeWorkshop1 on Etsy

Create a magnet with a fun wood-cut design and a strong magnet attached to the back.

Materials Used: Wood

#102 - Toiletry Bags

Toiletry Bags

Source: SwankyBadger on Etsy

These toiletry bags get upgraded with a stylish design etched into them.

Materials Used: Leather

#103 - Save the Date Cards

Source: WunderholzShop on Etsy

You can create gorgeous save the date cards engraved in wood for a long-lasting wedding keepsake.

Materials Used: Wood

#104 - Recipe Books

Source: ScorchLasercraft on Etsy

Two pieces of wood can be bound with paper to create a book, like this recipe book from ScorchLasercraft on Etsy.

Materials Used: Wood

#105 - Golf Bag Tags

Golf Bag Tags

Source: Lazy3LeatherCo on Etsy

A classy leather golf bag tag could be a nice welcome gift for golf clubs to give new members.

Materials Used: Leather

#106 - Countdown Calendars

Countdown Calendars

Source: EmplettesBoisees on Etsy

This countdown calendar is endlessly reusable with different wooden pieces for each day of the year and several big holidays.

Materials Used: Wood

#107 - House Replicas

House Replicas

Source: LsCraftDesign on Etsy

Real estate agents sometimes create these to give recent home sellers a special memory of their home.

Materials Used: Wood

#108 - Number Coins

Number Coins

Source: SawdustandSwirls on Etsy

Kids toys and educational materials are a huge market. These number coins are just one idea of a learning activity you could make.

Materials Used: Wood

#109 - Personalized Wallets

Personalized Wallets

Source: HerbertandWinifred on Etsy

These wallets get a special message engraved inside.

Materials Used: Wood

#110 - Leather Patches

Leather Patches

Source: OxAndPine on Etsy

Leather patches aren’t limited to hats. You could sell engraved patches that customers can add to anything they like.

Materials Used: Leather

#111 - Mailboxes

Source: TedstuffStore on Etsy

This would take a strong laser cutter, but with metal cutting, you can make a lot of cool things!

Materials Used: Metal (Powder-Coated)

#112 - Buttons


Source: WunderholzShop on Etsy

These wooden buttons make a great gift for someone who likes to sew and make clothes.

Materials Used: Wood

#113 - Personalized Leather Bracelets

Personalized Leather Bracelets

Source: MapleLeathercraftCo on Etsy

Leather bracelets like these can be personalized with a name or a message.

Materials Used: Leather

#114 - Plant Accessories

Plant Accessories

Source: GrunwaldGoods on Etsy

Look at this cute narwhal sticking out of a plant! What other fun things could you make to stick out of a plant like this?

Materials Used: Wood

#115 - Wreaths


Source: LilyFaithShop on Etsy

This delicate wreath is made with a laser cutter and engraver and wood, along with what looks like dried flowers.

Materials Used: Paper, Wood

#116 - Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements

Source: jesslovesjoe on Etsy

Another great gift idea: the backdrop is engraved into wood, and the family’s last name is cut out of acrylic.

Materials Used: Wood, Acrylic

#117 - Personalized Whisks

Personalized Whisks

Source: HazelGroveCustoms on Etsy

You’ve seen engraved hammers, spatulas, spoons, and now whisks!

Materials Used: Wood

#118 - Sticky Note Holders

Sticky Note Holders

Source: grahamandbrooks on Etsy

This is a cute teacher gift idea: a place to hold their sticky notes or a notepad.

Materials Used: Wood

#119 - Gift Tags

Gift Tags

Source: EstesDesignStudio on Etsy

Instead of buying cheap paper gift tags, these could be used year after year.

Materials Used: Wood

#120 - Monthly Milestone Props

Monthly Milestone Props

Source: PuzzleSpase on Etsy

New parents love to take pictures of their babies at each milestone. This laser-engraved photo prop helps them take photos more easily.

Materials Used: Wood

#121 - Custom Clothing Labels

Custom Clothing Labels

Source: WunderholzShop on Etsy

Another great product idea for someone who mends or makes their own clothing.

Materials Used: Leather

#122 - Wedding Ring Boxes

Wedding Ring Boxes

Source: TheWoodLookGifts on Etsy

A place to store wedding rings for the day of the wedding that can double as a keepsake.

Materials Used: Wood

#123 - Personalized Makeup Bags

Source: LeatherPage on Etsy

Like some of the other ideas on this list, these makeup pouches get a personalized leather patch with the recipient’s name.

Materials Used: Leather

#124 - Engraved Leather Bibles

Engraved Leather Bibles

Source: EngravedEleganceLLC on Etsy

Engrave names onto leather Bibles to give your customers a long-lasting family heirloom.

Materials Used: Leather

#125 - Custom Leather Belts

Custom Leather Belts

Source: JPFanShop on Etsy

This Etsy shop engraves special messages onto the inside of the belt, for a message only the recipient can see!

Materials Used: Leather

#126 - Personalized Journal Covers

Personalized Journal Covers

Source: PrecisionMemory on Etsy

Add a name or a motivational message to a leather book cover, perfect for a personal journal or to carry a favorite read.

Materials Used: Leather

#127 - Stacking Name Rings

Source: GracePersonalized on Etsy

These tiny, delicate rings get a touch of personalization with names and special dates engraved into them.

Materials Used: Metal

#128 - Kids Drawings

Kids Drawings

Source: DiatEngraving on Etsy

And finally, we love this fun idea for families—immortalizing a child’s drawing into a keychain for parents to keep.

Materials Used: Metal

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! 127 unique laser engraving and cutting ideas for your laser engraving business.

Do you feel inspired? We’d love to hear about your ideas in the comments below. 👇

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