One of the greatest joys of what we do, is who we get to do it with. 

Meet the beautiful people here at MakerFlo Crafts who host our lives, run our socials, help you out when things go wrong, carefully package your orders, the crafters, the dreamers, content creators and more!

We'd love to put a face with your names too so come out and see us as we're touring the country this year at Pinners hows. 

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Our MakerFlo Crafts Team


Laser Engraving, Traveling, Dogs

Marc, born in Tucson, Arizona, rocked the finance world after graduating from ASU. He's not just numbers and spreadsheets though; he's a sports fanatic who travels the globe, soaking up diverse cultures. At 18, he nabbed a spot in the top 50 teenage entrepreneurs nationwide. Talk about an unstoppable force!

UV Resin, International Travel, Foodie, Love Philosophy

Meet John Modi, the whimsical Chief Imagination Officer! Hailing from vibrant Mumbai, India, he's a master of UV resin creations and a globetrotting foodie. From philosophizing to surviving rogue waves, John's life is an exhilarating rollercoaster. Oh, and did we mention he nearly flunked 5th grade? Keep an eye out for this "as seen on TV" personality – he's a creative force to be reckoned with! 🌟

Fine Dining, Basketball, Technology Exploration

Meet Moose, the Chief Operating Officer at MakerFlo! Hailing from Casa Grande, AZ, Moose is a connoisseur of fine dining, a basketball enthusiast, and an avid explorer of technology trends. With a knack for collecting keychains from his travels, Moose boasts a collection of over 150 unique souvenirs. Join him on his exciting journey through the world of innovation and good taste!

Epoxy, Sublimation, UV resin

Introducing Sam, the project coordinator at MakerFlo. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Sam studied at Scottsdale Community College. Her expertise lies in UV resin and 2-part epoxy, and she enjoys attending concerts in her spare time. Fun fact: Sam used to be on the chess team! With a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking, Sam brings a cool and composed vibe to every project. 🎨🎶♟️

Spending Time with Family, Cars & Shoes (lots of shoes!)

Meet Stephen, the Problem Solving Ninja Haha! Hailing from the Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, CA, he's now conquering customer service at MakerFlo. When he's not slaying customer problems, you'll find him enjoying quality time with his big family, obsessing over cars, and rocking an enviable shoe collection. Fun fact: Stephen's got so many kids, he could probably start his own soccer team!

Drawing, Gym, Boxing, Learning

Introducing Da’Sean, the adventurous forklift operator hailing from Niagara Falls, NY! When he's not skillfully maneuvering pallets, you'll find him unleashing his artistic flair through drawing. Da’Sean is a fitness enthusiast who loves hitting the gym and exploring the world of boxing. But that's not all—did you know he was part of a music group that rocked stages across Arizona for an incredible two years? With his love for learning and his vibrant spirit, Da’Sean is always ready to embrace exciting new challenges! 🎨🥊🌍

Sublimation, Hydrodipping, Photography

Danny, hailing from Pasadena, California, is a Cal State Fullerton graduate and a true force at MakerFlo. His diverse roles as Picker, Shipper, Label Maker, Content Creator, Social Media expert, and Road Team member keep him on his toes. Off-duty, he indulges in sublimation, hydrodipping, and his passion for photography. Fun fact: This sports fanatic knows how to score big in both work and play!

Hiking, Traveler, Sublimation

Meet Jesse, a multi-talented dynamo hailing from Henderson, Nevada! As a jack-of-all-trades at MakerFlo, Jesse effortlessly juggles the roles of checker, label aficionado, shipping guru, picking pro, and road team enthusiast. When not conquering the warehouse, you'll find Jesse hiking breathtaking trails, exploring new destinations, or unleashing creativity through sublimation. But here's the kicker: Jesse's hidden talent lies in playing the piano! With Jesse around, work and play harmonize like a symphony. 🎹

Soccer Player, Music, Working on Cars

Sergio, born in sunny Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, is the versatile "everything man" at MakerFlo. When he's not dazzling on the soccer field or jamming to his favorite tunes, he can be found tinkering with cars. But here's the twist—this macho gearhead has a soft spot for feline friends. He's the ultimate combo of tough and tender! Meow!

UV Resin, Epoxy, Sublimation

Mel is on the Customer Service team here at MakerFlo. Born and raised right here in Chandler, Az. Mel obtained her Semiconductor Technician certificate at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in December of 2022. She's also currently attending college and studying for a degree in Psychology. A beginner in UV resin, epoxy and sublimation she enjoys family time with her fiance and 4 kids. She has 2 girls and is also raising her 2 nephews. Fun fact: Mel likes to craft in her spare time and enjoys painting, sketching and customizing shoes. She brings the fun to Makerflo by messing with the whole crew in between tasks.

Writing Music, Working on Cars, Racing Cars

Meet Joey, the multi-talented dynamo hailing from Tempe, AZ! As the Team Lead and Floor Manager at MakerFlo, Joey orchestrates creativity like a maestro. When not leading the way, you'll find Joey jamming out to self-written tunes or revving up engines with a need for speed. This singing sensation has truly mastered the art of hitting high notes on and off the racetrack! 🎵🏎️
LizTidy Titan

UV resin and Making Playlists

Introducing Liz, the Atlanta gem who's the heartbeat of our warehouse crew at Makerflo! 🌟 With her knack for keeping the flow smooth, she's our secret ingredient to success. In the world of UV resin, she's a wizard, crafting wonders that dazzle. But her magic extends beyond crafts; she curates playlists that set the perfect vibe, making every workday feel like a family jam session. With Liz around, warmth and creativity are always in the air! 🎨🎶

Tattoo Artist, Husband, Dad

Meet Jared, the tattoo-loving family man from Ganado, Arizona! As the inventory control whiz at MakerFlo, he ensures everything runs smoothly. When he's not busy organizing, you'll find him inking amazing art or doting on his adorable kids. Fun fact: He recently tied the knot in January!
Pierremaster of bits and bytes

Skiing, Video Games, Swimming

Meet Pierre, the IT Specialist at MakerFlo! Hailing from the vibrant city of Beirut, Lebanon, Pierre is a rock-solid tech enthusiast. When he's not busy cracking codes, you can find him conquering the slopes on skis, diving into virtual realms of video games, or making a splash in the pool. With a name that means "rock" in English, Pierre brings his unwavering dedication and love for all things tech to create a solid foundation for innovation and fun at MakerFlo!

Family Time, Camping, Experiencing New Foods

Meet Javier, the mighty handy man at MakerFlo. Hailing from the beautiful area of Sinaloa Mexico! Javier brings his incredible skills and contagious enthusiasm to every project he tackles (with his trusty toolkit by his side). When he's not wielding his hammer and wrench, you'll find him exploring the beauty of nature and camping with his family.

Pickleball, Golf, Eating

G-Money (aka Garrett B), born in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, balances the books and keeps the cash flowing for the team. With MakerFlo, he finds endless opportunities to grow, creating a tight-knit family. When he's not crunching numbers, you'll find him dominating on the pickleball court, perfecting his swing on the golf course, or indulging in his favorite hobby—eating! Fun fact: If he's not fed in a timely manner, you might meet Gangry, his hangry alter ego!

Sports, Consumer Tech, Videography, Aviation, Music

Dr. Karthik Ramanan, is an Emotional Health Mentor and Life Coach affectionately known as "Dr. K." Originally from New Delhi, India, he embarked on an exciting journey when his family settled in Boulder, CO, during his tender years. He helps individuals and teams overcome personal and work challenges to become their best selves. Dr. K considers MakerFlo a unicorn and believes it is unlike any other company he's encountered. In his free time, he dives into sports, nerds out over tech and photography, and has a favorite band he challenges you to guess.

Christmas Ornament Designer & Collector, Reading

Meet Coach Cynthia, the financial wizard at MakerFlo. Hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, she spreads her money-saving magic while rocking a smile. With a heart as big as her ornament collection (over 20 and counting!), Cynthia's passion for designing Christmas cheer shines through. When she's not crunching numbers, you'll find her nose deep in a captivating book. Join her on this whimsical journey and let Cynthia guide you toward financial freedom with a touch of sparkle and a whole lot of fun!

Bikes, Surfing, Formula 1 Racing

Introducing Coach Tom, born in Littleton, Colorado, but raised in sunny Orange County, California. As the team's business coach, his role is to help set goals, provide focus, and hold everyone accountable for getting things done. Coach Tom believes in the power of Time, Team, and Money to grow a successful business. His driving force is to create abundance within the company, its team, families, and community. At Makerflo, he's surrounded by passionate individuals who strive to make a difference by Being Good, Doing Good, and Spreading Good. When not coaching, Coach Tom enjoys building bicycles, riding bikes, surfing, and enthusiastically following Formula 1 races.