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From epoxy to sublimation to engraving, uv resin and more! Meet MakerFlo Crafter's like you that are crafting and hustling awesome tumblers and more!

Epoxy β€’ UV Resin β€’ Glitter β€’ Vinyl β€’ HTV

Jessa Eichner

Camo N Hairbows

Meet Jessa

Epoxy & Sublimation

Leslie Miramontes

Meet Leslie

Epoxy, Sublimation, UV Resin

Cruz Morban

Meet Cruz

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We LOVE our crafting Community

We meet you all of you talented crafters at Trade Shows all over the country and we see you in our Facebook Group, on our Insta, over on TikTok and enjoy inspiring each over on Pinterest. You are all so amazing we decided we wanted to share more of you with all of you! So many MakerFlo Crafters we meet have amazing stories of inspiration, endless creativity and helpful lessons you can share with others.


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    This crafter shares her surprise when she goes to MakerFlo's Warehouse to pick up her order and Stephen teaches her how to perfectly sublimate a 20oz Skinny Tumbler!

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    Did you know you can upload videos with your product reviews? So many of our crafters are able to show off what they crafted while at the same time providing crafting inspo to others! Video reviews also earn you 75 Flo Rewards Points!!

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