Resale Certificates

MakerFlo Crafts can provide sales tax exemptions on purchases for customer accounts that provide a completed and signed resale certificate for their appropriate state. To request the exemption, please enter your company information below and upload the completed form for your state. Sales tax exemption forms and laws for resale certificates vary from state to state. If you have questions regarding resale certificates, please contact your state’s Department of Revenue or certified public accountant. MakerFlo Crafts does not provide tax advice.

Please complete all fields and follow all guidelines below. Resale certificates not meeting these guidelines will not be processed.

  • Resale certificates submitted must list MAKERFLO CRAFTS as the vendor/seller
  • Buyer / Name of Buyer should match the company name of your resale license and your MAKERFLO CRAFTS account
  • A statement including "For resale" must be included in any general descriptions of items/property being sold
  • Blank resale certificates with MAKERFLO CRAFTS listed as the vendor/seller are provided for your convenience. This is not intended to be tax advice.
  • Our Business Address: Makerflo Crafts, 6100 W Gila Springs Place, Suite 13, Chandler AZ 85226.
Blank Certificates by State
Multi-State Resale Form (Only use this form if your state is not listed above)

If you have not yet set up your MakerFlo Crafts account yet, please do so here before continuing.