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At what temperature should I bake my MakerFlo sublimation tumbler, and for how long? 

When using a convection oven, all of Makerflo’s cups should be able to be baked at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes. (This is a great starting point, but ultimately it all depends on your oven and how hot it runs.) If you are using a heat press, we would recommend 360-365 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 seconds. If the cup needs to be rotated in the heat press, repeat the steps.

Why does my cup get scratched when I wash it?

This can happen if you wash it too soon after you finish crafting. Give each cup a little time before washing it.

Why does my cup have spots all over it?

This can happen for a few reasons. First, use heat tape to make sure that your sublimation paper is snug against your cup. Also, check your baking temperature. (It can really impact whether or not your cup sublimates properly!) We recommend baking your cup at approx. 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes, rotating the cup at the 2.5 minute mark.

I bought the 30 oz. thick tumblers from you, and the sublimation is peeking. This never happens with any other size. What’s happening?

Good question. Start by making sure that your heat settings are appropriate for this cup size (375 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes, rotating the cup after 2.5 minutes). Thick cups also require a printer that can handle wider formats. This is important so that you don’t have to put the heat tape directly on the cup, which causes the sublimation to peel.

Why is my sublimation paper sticking to the cup?

The simple answer: heat. If the cup is baked for too long, that can cause the paint to soften and the paper to stick. Trying to remove the paper while the cup is still hot can also cause it to stick.

I’m using a heat press, and the paint on my cup is chipping off as I sublimate. What should I do?

Make sure that the cup you’re using is the right size for your heat press. Then, double-check to make sure that the settings on your heat press are as they should be. When using a heat press, we recommend heating it up to 360 degrees for 40 seconds, and then rotating the cup until all sides have been sublimated. Pressure can also be a big factor. Too much pressure from the press will cause the cup to chip. 

Why am I seeing small dots on my transfer?

If you’re seeing small dots on your finished product, it’s likely due to excess moisture. We recommend pre-pressing most substrates to ensure you get all moisture out. Then, let the substrate cool down, place your transfer on, and press like normal.

Why does the sublimation coating chip when I move my shrink wrap (using the shrink wrap method)?

The shrink wrap is plastic and will stick to the coating as it melts. When you take the tumbler out of the oven, the shrink wrap usually hardens on the top and bottom of the cup. When you remove shrink wrap, do so slowly while the cup is still hot (before it hardens). Be sure to wear gloves! If you’re using masking tape, only use the white one. The white masking tape has less adhesive so there’s less of a chance of it getting on the sublimation coating. If it does get on the coating, simply clean it off with alcohol.



  • Wrap your image extremely tight. This might hurt your fingers but you want your image SECURE. The tighter the better. 
  • Fully cover your tumbler in heat tape OR utilize shrink wrap
  • Test sizing for your image with regular printer ink and paper before printing on sublimation paper with sublimation ink (it will save you $$$). Make sure there is overlap so the white of the sublimation tumbler isn’t showing


  • DO NOT and we repeat DO NOT, do this in your regular cooking oven. This process lets off some gasses that are not safe for consumption and can be toxic if ingested. If you are going to use a convection oven, make it a dedicated craft room oven.
  • Don’t use regular ink. Refer to this article on sublimation printing for beginners to help you understand what is required
  • Don’t get frustrated if you see a little bit of seam once the image is transferred. It’s bound to happen. Practice makes practice.
  • Don’t use just any tumbler. Tumblers used for sublimation must have a polyester coating that binds with the sublimation ink during the heating process
  • Don’t put your image design side facing out. In order to transfer the image, your design needs to be on the inside, with direct contact to the outside of sublimation tumbler

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