Cruz Morban

December 2023
Meet Cruz


New York, NY

Sublimation, Engraving, Side hustler, I teach video tutorials

Q. Tell us about yourself and how you got into crafting…we love a good origin story!

Hello crafty friend’s my name is Cruz and I am a content creator who loves to make beautiful content in English and Spanish, inspiring those single mom’s, and beginners that don’t know how or where to start with a small business. I started crafting during the pandemic and never thought this would become my passion. I started making videos and tagging all the companies with less than 300 followers. I always believed in myself and I work hard every single day to chase my dreams.

Q. What items do you craft the most; and what inspired you to start making crafted goods for others?

What I do the most is tumblers and mugs. The reason I got into craft was because I love unique and different types of gifts. This encourages me to make cute gift sets.

Q. What do you enjoy crafting most?

I enjoy the most doing tumblers is something that will last forever

Q. What crafting projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on holiday projects for small businesses and schools around my area.

Q. What to you is “the best thing” about crafting?

The best thing about crafting is keeping myself busy. I can express my feeling, my happiness in all the products I make.

Q. What have you learned through your crafting journey?

Never give up and keep trying, even if you mess up 5-8 times, get up and try it again and always believe in yourself.

Q. What’s next on the horizon for your business?

I see myself having my own craft room, and teaching others what I have learned since I began.

Q. What would you like to share with others just getting started?

I would say that followers are just numbers sometimes so don’t worry about the audience, if you believe you have the potential and keep working hard people will support you no matter what.