Jessa Eichner

May 2024
Meet Jessa • Side Hustler

Camo N Hairbows

Tulsa, OK

Epoxy • UV Resin • Glitter • Vinyl • HTV

Give us your big picture intro, a bit about you that helps us get to know you!

Heyyyyy y'all!

I'm Jessa, a dog mom to 2 precious pitties (Remington & Benelli) and the co-founder of Camo N Hairbows along with my little sister. I have a full-time job and share my craftiness with the world on the side. I basically run on caffeine, cuss words, & glitter! I also enjoy hunting, fishing, & baseball games when I can get away.

What items do you craft the most; and when and what inspired you to start making crafted goods for others?

I would definitely say glitter is one of my favorite things to craft with between tumblers and ornaments. It started with just wanting to try out options to coat our tumblers that we had decaled with vinyl and turned into a "go big or go home" with glitter, epoxy/crystalac, & lots of experimentation.

The variety of colors and number of ways to customize a tumbler to bring a vision to life is endless. It's given us a way to not only bring smiles to our friends' and customers' faces but also give them something personalized as a keepsake.

What got you to where you are now in your crafting journey?

My sister has always been crafty but I actually started making oversized tie blankets and hairbows while recovering from surgery in 2018. Camo N Hairbows came about to sell the jewelry my sister makes and those blankets and hairbows. In 2021, I wanted tumblers for our girls' night out for my birthday as well as birthday t-shirt with not enough time to order them from somebody else and that started the expansion of our Etsy shop. Now, I design a lot of items we offer and create custom items upon request as well as make glitter tumblers & custom decaled glitter ornaments. Recently, I've upped the ornament game with custom outline art glitter ornaments for friends who have had to say goodbye to their dogs with ear outlines.

Tell us what you’re crafting in 2024! 

The 40oz tumblers and the 32oz hydro water bottles have been really popular for us and I love not only glittering but decaling them. I think my next adventure will be with alcohol inks on tumblers and I really want to try my hand at hydrodipping.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and how engaged are you with other crafters in your community or online?

A lot of my inspiration for designs comes from things I hear people say "I need that on a shirt!" or "Could you put this one a cup?" and I'm just like challenge accepted. My sister and I currently working on the social media side with Instagram, Facebook, & TikTok and getting involved more in different groups.

We've been really lucky to be able to do some local pop-up events and meet some extremely talented folks that way. I will admit that the dog mom community on Instagram has been extremely supportive between friendship, encouragement, and shopping like it's nobody's business. The Facebook groups I've joined are amazing as well. Just being able to share & get honest reactions is really helpful.

What’s happening in your craft space at this moment? 

A lot of reorganizing lately as my glitter area needed some expansion and we got a new press table for my sister since she has taken over pressing our shirts & totes. I've been doing some playing around with the new 40oz tumblers as well and working working on a Mommy & Me tumbler set!

Who doesn’t love a good story? What’s the funniest or most memorable experience you’ve ever had crafting?

Let's go back to a few weeks before Halloween last year - my sister wanted a glow in the dark glitter tumbler that we could decal with "I Lit The Black Flame Candle" - I had just put the last coat of Crystalac on it after glittering another Halloween tumbler (black & orange) and I dropped her white glow in the dark glittered tumbler. In the other room all she heard was a crash, a little cussing, and me yell "Well, this one is definitely yours now!" as I'm looking at the bottom randomly covered in black & orange glitter.

What to you is “the best thing” about crafting and what would you say is “the most challenging or difficult”?

The best thing is creating something special for someone and either seeing their face light up, hearing the excitement in their voice, or receiving a message saying how much they love it. The most challenging thing is when things don't turn out like you want & having to start over - while it helps with the learning process, it can be frustrating.

What have you learned through your crafting journey that you think would be valuable for aspiring or new crafters?

Trial & error is your best friend! Find what products work for you and don't ever feel like you're doing something wrong if a product that works for someone else, isn't a fit for you.

What’s next on the horizon for your crafting journey?

Recently, my sister & I have started experimenting with UV Resin and are looking forward to trying out the Flopoxy for some new items.

If the MakerFlo Crafts Fairy could grant you one wish to improve your crafting experience (or that of others) what would it be?

More glitter options! Being able to slowly replace colors I've gotten from other companies with high quality glitter & save money has been amazing. Also, could the MakerFlo Crafts Fairy just come craft with me? That would be awesome!