13+ Epoxy Resin Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

13+ Epoxy Resin Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Whether you’ve been working with epoxy resin for a long time, or you’re about to order your first crafting kit, you’re probably aware of the amazing versatility you get with this crafting material.

With epoxy, the motto is: If you can mold it, you can make it!

So if you’re looking for some new ideas of things to make with resin, or you’re wondering what kind of projects are even possible, keep reading to discover 13 creative epoxy resin ideas that you can make at home!

This is just the beginning, but we hope it sparks some new creativity for your crafting hobby or business.

Let’s dive in!

13 Epoxy Resin Ideas to Inspire You

We’ve pulled in some of the best crafting tutorials from across the internet to bring you 13 cool ideas that you can make at home.

Real quick—If you’re looking for a glossy and fast-setting epoxy resin kit that’s easy to work with and looks fabulous when cured, try the Flopoxy Fast Set Resin Kit. It’s our tried-and-true formula with over 50 5-star reviews.

#1 - Glitter Tumbler with MakerFlo Tumbler Blanks

Glitter Tumbler

Hands down one of our favorite things to make with resin is a glitter tumbler!

You can apply any combination of glitter colors and textures (we have over a hundred types in our shop) to a stainless steel tumbler and seal it in with a coat of epoxy for a shiny, lasting finish.

(Or save time by snagging a pre-sanded tumbler instead.)

Learn how to make your own by following our step-by-step glitter tumbler tutorial.

#2 - Custom Keychain

Custom Keychain

You can make custom keychains like these from VIVIANxCO on Etsy using a silicone or acrylic mold, dyes, and some charms, dried flowers, or other small trinkets.

You can find molds with built-in holes to make it easy to attach a keychain to the finished piece. These make great products for your craft business, gifts for loved ones, and unique accessories to show off your own personal style!

#3 - Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Why wait for stores to stock up on earring styles you like? Take matters into your own hands by creating your own earring styles using epoxy-friendly molds.

Get started with this DIY earring tutorial by Kathy, AKA Crafty Chica, who made the glittery hoop earrings you see in this picture.

#4 - Custom Tabletop

Custom Tabletop

When we say you can use resin on everything, we mean it!

Just see what Stephanie of Crafting in the Rain did with her table. She gave a chipped wooden table new life by covering it with a gorgeous watercolor-like design using different colors of epoxy.

#5 - Coaster


Nadia from Summer Girl Designs shares her process for making these DIY epoxy coasters on her YouTube channel.

You can make similar resin art with different colored dyes, gold leaf, and a gold paint pen just like she shows in her tutorial video.

#6 - Wall Clock

Wall Clock

This may be the most complicated resin craft on the list, but this wall clock made by Atasoy provides another example of what’s possible with this super-versatile material.

#7 - Serving Tray

Serving Tray

We love this intricate holographic butterfly serving tray made by LiaDiaDesigns.

She crafted it with dried flowers, butterfly stickers, holographic film, and glitter, but you could include almost anything to make your own unique serving tray.

#8 - Pendant Jewelry

Pendant Jewelry

You can make thin, delicate pieces of jewelry by filling a small bezel with resin, plus some dried flowers, glitter, gems, photographs or other small objects.

Here’s an example of a birth-month flower pendant, made by NThandmadeJewelry on Etsy.

You can also make this with UV resin! Check out our guide to making jewelry with UV resin to learn more, or pick up some bezels and molds in our UV resin starter kit.

#9 - Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Uplevel your photo game by making your own custom-designed photo frames. This one by Mod Podge Rocks encases colorful legos to create a whimsical and childlike feeling.

You could add magazine cut-outs and photos to make a collage, add holographic film, stickers, glitter, and other items to create the look you want.

#10 - Candle Holder

Candle Holder

With the right mold, you can make intricate designs like these DIY candle holders shared by LET’S RESIN on YouTube. However, it’s not safe to put a real candle with a flame inside of resin. Instead, a LED-based tealight candle is a safer choice.

#11 - Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

You can cover an ornament with resin or use shaped molds to decorate your Christmas tree! These ornaments are the work of Katherine, who shared her process on the Resin Obsession blog.

#12 - Drawer Pulls

Drawer Pulls

Yes, epoxy is a great choice for home decor and DIY projects around the house.

Case in point: These drawer pulls made by Mad in Crafts with a simple geometrical mold and some metal hardware to fit them into cabinets and drawers.

#13 - Paperweight


Finally, since you can make practically any shape with resin, it’s great for decorative objects. Take a look at these DIY paperweights made by Hani, the blogger at Craftionary.

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is a liquid adhesive that, when mixed with a chemical hardener, cures into a hard plastic solid that can be used for decoration, accessories, and even eating and drinking.

You can learn more about this wonder material in our full guide to crafting with epoxy.

Want to learn more? Brush up on the differences between epoxy and UV resin here.

Why Use Epoxy Resin?

Why use this liquid adhesive for crafting?

First of all, it’s relatively easy to use—simply mix the resin and the included hardener according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then when you’ve poured it the way you like it, you just wait! After, several hours, the mixture will cure and harden.

Plus, you can mix in dyes and glitter and other small items to make designs your own.

Finally, most epoxy brands are food-safe when cured, unlike other materials including UV resin. So when your projects are finished, you can use them as eating, drinking, and serving utensils.

Introducing Flopoxy: The Easy Way to Get Started With Epoxy Resin

epoxy fast set

We don’t mean to brag, but we think our brand of epoxy (lovingly named Flopoxy) is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to resin crafting.

It sets uber-fast, starting to cure after just 15 minutes of work time, and done in 24 hours.

Customers tell us they can finish products much faster thanks to it’s fast-setting nature. Plus, it leaves a really nice glossy finish to your projects.

Not sure if the hype is true? Take it from MakerFlo Crafter Renee T., who left us this review: “Flopoxy is to art what Frank’s Hot Sauce is to wings. I put that @#&* on everything!”

Check out the Flopoxy Fast Set Resin + Hardener Epoxy Kit

Looking For More Ideas?

These epoxy resin ideas are just the beginning of what you can make with this wonder material.

We invite you to join our family of crafters in the Official MakerFlo Facebook Community, where you can share your own epoxy creations and get inspiration from thousands of other crafters on the same journey.

We’ll see you there!

Before you go, let us know in the comments - how long have you been crafting with epoxy? What kind of crafts are you planning to make next? ✨

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