1000+ Free Sublimation Designs for Commercial Use (2024)

1000+ Free Sublimation Designs for Commercial Use (2024)

Looking for professional-quality FREE sublimation designs?

You've come to the right place.

After years of supporting sublimation crafters as they build product-based businesses, we know how important it is to have the absolute best-quality designs for your products.

So even if you're downloading a free design, you want it to look awesome.

That's why we've searched high and low for the absolute best free sublimation designs available online.

We looked through every site to pick the very best ones for our list. Most are OK for commercial use, but we’ll let you know which ones are for personal use only.

Within this list, you’ll find over 1000 professional-quality free designs you can use in products to sell.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the article, where we share the top mistakes you want to avoid when using free designs in your work. This will help you avoid sticky legal issues down the road.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for... let’s take a look through the absolute best places to find free sublimation designs online!

Let’s start with designs that are free for commercial use, and then we’ll share the ones that are okay for personal use or require you to pay for a commercial license.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using third-party links.

Free Sublimation Designs for Commercial Use

These amazing design companies, marketplaces, and bloggers have some of the best FREE sublimation designs on the web… and you can use them for products that you sell in your shop!

Just make sure to read the fine print so you understand what you can and can’t do with your design files.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica free sublimation designs

Creative Fabrica is one of our favorite creative marketplaces for design files. The site packs a serious punch with over 7 million graphics and 150,000 fonts available for download.

Creative Fabrica takes some of their paid designs and offers them for free on their free resources page. Here, you can find a whopping 240,000 graphic design files, not to mention free fonts, SVGs, and more.

Pro tip: If you want to access the full catalog from Creative Fabrica, you can sign up through this link to score 10 free downloads of ANY design and subscribe for only $9 a month  (70% off the regular price).

OK for Commercial Use

Design Bundles

Design Bundles free sublimation designs

Design Bundles is another popular design marketplace like Creative Fabrica. Here, crafters sell sublimation designs, planner templates, embroidery patterns, and more.

This site curates their free downloads by craft type, which makes it easy to find sublimation-friendly designs. Check out the free sublimation designs page to find beautiful, full-color designs for t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, and more.

OK for Commercial Use

Glitter Moonshine

Glitter Moonshine free sublimation designs

Dani, the designer at Glitter Moonshine, hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. She serves up on-trend sublimation designs and cutting files with a Southern flair.

Everything on this site is made with small businesses in mind, including its selection of free designs approved for commercial use. Run, don't walk, to download these amazing designs before they go away.

OK for Commercial Use

Craft House SVG

Craft House SVG Free Sublimation Designs

Craft House SVG curates a collection of gorgeous, high-fidelity sublimation designs, sticker designs, cut files, and more.

When we browsed through the site, we found 44 pages of free designs waiting for you to download and use, including a TON of sublimation-friendly designs. There's something in here for everyone!

The entire site stocks over 3000 designs for digital download, and you can purchase the entire bundle for just $40 right now. (That said, not all of the designs are suited for sublimation.)

OK for Commercial Use


Crella free sublimation designs

Crella gives artists a platform to sell their designs, much like Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, and Etsy.

They also let creators offer some of their products as a free download on their free graphics page, some of which would work well for sublimation. These deals change all the time, so check back in regularly to discover new designs.

🔎 License Varies by Design - Check Each Product for Details

Printable Cuttable Creatables

Printable Cuttable Creatables free sublimation designs

Printable Cuttable Creatables is an SVG shop run by illustrator and YouTuber Kristin. She draws each adorable illustration by hand, then uploads it to her shop as a digital download.

Although this site sells SVG files designed for cutting, they would also work well for sublimation tees and other projects.

Browse through her dozens of sublimation-friendly free illustrations here. 

That said—make sure to review her license policy before you sell any products with these illustrations. Free downloads have a limited commercial license, which means you can only use them to sell up to 50 products. After 50 sales, you'll need to purchase a commercial license to keep selling.

OK for Limited Commercial Use - Check License Page for Details


Canva free sublimation designs

You can't write a complete list of free design resources without mentioning Canva!

This free design software is a big favorite among crafters, thanks to its huge library of free designs and elements. Many of our Facebook Community members swear by it for their sublimation designs.

So where can you find sublimation-friendly designs on Canva? A great place to start is with the t-shirt, sweatshirt, and tote bag templates. Look for templates that don't have a crown icon on them—that means they're free to use.

OK for Commercial Use

Hungry JPEG  Hungry JPEG free sublimation designs

Hungry JPEG gives designers a platform to sell their digital designs, including fonts, patterns, and graphic elements.

Visit their Forever Freebies page to find dozens of pages of free designs for download, including beautiful watercolor designs that would look beautiful on a sublimation print.

Most free downloads are covered by Hungry JPEG's Complete License, which includes commercial use with a few ground rules. 

Check each download's page to make sure it's covered for commercial use.

OK for Commercial Use

Jennifer Maker

Jennifer Maker is one of the best-known experts in the crafting space right now. She writes about Cricut crafting and sublimation and shares dozens if not hundreds of crafting tutorials on her blog.

Sign up for her free resource library to get your hands on her free sublimation designs, plus plenty of other craft files.

It's not clear from the website, but it seems like Jennifer doesn't mind if you use these for commercial use. Just don't resell the images as your own.

OK for Commercial Use

Poofy Cheeks

Kelsey Sapp of Poofy Cheeks publishes regular craft tutorials and weekly design files, including many free sublimation designs.

She doesn't mention any license required to use these designs, so we assume they're OK for commercial use.

OK for Commercial Use

Next up, more free designs, but only for personal use. (Though most of them have a commercial license available for a small fee.)

Free Sublimation Designs for Personal Use Only

Free Sublimation Designs

Free Sublimation Designs dot com designs

The title of this site says it all. Yes, you will find a beautiful selection of sublimation designs for free download here.

But alas, these designs are not approved for commercial use unless you pay $29 for a commercial license.

So if you download these for free, make sure you use them for personal projects only.

Not for Commercial Use - Must Pay for Commercial License 

Free SVG Designs

Free SVG Designs free sublimation designs

Pop quiz: What do you think this website offers? You guessed it... but it’s not only SVG. Free SVG Designs also offers PNG files of its more than 2,500 designs on the site.

In fact, we discovered 115 pages of free design files to wade through. Some of them are very simple and look more like graphic elements, but most designs would work for sublimation.

But, bad news for business owners: these downloads are for personal use only. You'll need to pay $70 for the entire site bundle to get a commercial license.

(At the time of writing, Free SVG is offering a $1.99 Black Friday sale on the entire site. But that won't last for long.)

Not for Commercial Use - Must Pay for Commercial License

Drizy Studio

Drizy Studio free sublimation designs

Drizy Studio sells SVG files, font bundles, and other design files for crafters.

Their free sublimation designs page is chock full of ready-to-print designs, including seamless tumbler designs, t-shirt designs, and more.

The only catch? These free designs are for personal use only. 

If you want to sell products with them, you'll pay $6 per design for a commercial license or $7 to use them for print-on-demand.

Not for Commercial Use - Must Pay for Commercial License

Color Me Crafty

Jamela Payne shares craft tutorials and free downloads on her blog, Color Me Crafty.

Check out her collection of free sublimation files here.

Not for Commercial Use - For Personal Use Only

Hey Let's Make Stuff

Cori George, blogger at Hey Let's Make Stuff, aims to "bring more color and creativity into your life" by creating fun crafts and tutorials.

You can access her free file library which includes 18 sublimation designs and counting—like this Running on Coffee and Anxiety print—plus dozens of other craft ideas.

Subscribe to her mailing list to get the free password and start downloading files. (She also sells sublimation files in her shop.)

That said, these downloads are only for personal use. If you want to use any files from Hey Let's Make Stuff for commercial products, you'll need to buy a Commercial License first.

Not for Commercial Use - Must Pay for Commercial License

Pineapple Paper Co

Designer and mom Charynn runs Pineapple Paper Co out of her HQ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Here you can find unique craft guides like this DIY Taylor Swift advent calendar or buy digital artwork and design files.

Browse her list of free sublimation design files to find something for your next project. (But only for personal use, please.)

Not for Commercial Use - For Personal Use Only

That's it for the free resources... but let us know in our Facebook Group if you find any more we should list here.

Next up, we'll bring you some more places to find low-cost sublimation designs that won't break the bank.

More Places to Find Low-Cost Sublimation Designs

We're highlighting these businesses because they offer high-quality files and a great variety of designs.


Etsy home

A search for "sublimation designs" on Etsy brings up a cool million results, including mega bundles with a crazy amount of files like 3000 tumbler wraps or 1000 coaster designs.

Just make sure to read through reviews and make sure you're buying from a reputable shop before handing over your money.

🔎 License Varies by Design - Check Each Product for Details


Kittl sublimation designs

Kittl is giving Canva a run for their money with the site’s gorgeous t-shirt and print media designs. Most, if not all, of the site’s designs, would work well for sublimation.

Plus, some of the editing tools in this app make it feel more like Adobe Illustrator than Canva. You can fine-tune your text with custom curved paths, detailed textures, and other professional-looking effects to create show-stopping designs like these.

You can subscribe to Kittl for $15 a month to get access to all designs.

OK for Commercial Use


HoopMama sublimation designs

HoopMama Designs sells printable sublimation-friendly designs for just $4 each, and each includes a limited commercial license (unless otherwise stated).

Read more about HoopMama's license.

OK for Commercial Use

Love SVG

LoveSVG sublimation designs

Love SVG (sister site of Hungry JPEG) has thousands of colorful, on-trend sublimation files at a relatively affordable price. 

They're listed as $2 each on the website, but you don’t need to pay this.

Instead, you’ll pay a monthly or yearly fee to subscribe to her commercial licensing plan. With that in place, you can download any of Love SVG's sublimation files for free.

You'll pay $15 a month, $60 a year, or $129 once for lifetime access. If you're investing a few hundred dollars into sublimation equipment to set up a printing business, this might be a worthy investment as well.

OK for Commercial Use

Creative Market

Creative Market home

Creative Market is a huge marketplace full of design files for both print and digital media.

While they don't have a dedicated section for sublimation designs (yet), you can search for "sublimation" and pull up quite a lot of good results.

🔎 License Varies by Design - Check Each Product for Details

Free Sublimation Designs: The Ultimate Comparison Table

Website Type Free for Commercial Use? Free for Personal Use? Notes
Creative Fabrica Marketplace
Design Bundles Marketplace
Glitter Moonshine Designer
Craft House SVG Marketplace
Crella Marketplace Varies by design
Printable Cuttable Creatables Illustrator Limited, see license page
Canva Design Software
Hungry JPEG Marketplace
Jennifer Maker Crafting Blogger
Poofy Cheeks Crafting Blogger
Free Sublimation Designs Digital File Bundle Pay $29 for a commercial license (all designs)
Free SVG Designs Digital File Bundle Pay $2.97 for a commercial license (all designs)
Drizy Studio Marketplace Pay $6 per design for commercial license
Color Me Crafty Crafting Blogger Personal use only
Hey Let’s Make Stuff Crafting Blogger Personal use only, or buy designs from her shop
Pineapple Paper Co Design Blogger Personal use only, or buy designs from her shop
Etsy Marketplace You can find low-cost designs
Kittl Design Software $15 a month subscription for thousands of templates
HoopMama Designer Designs for $4 each
Love SVG Marketplace $15 a month for unlimited downloads
Creative Market Marketplace Low cost, license varies by design

What File Format Should You Use for Sublimation?

As you browse through the free design files on our list, you’ll find files in PNG, JPG, SVG, and more! So which ones are best for sublimation?

The best choice for sublimation is PNG. You'll get the best results from a high-resolution PNG with a transparent background. 

JPGs will not have a transparent background and will often lack some of the quality of PNGs.

SVGs can also work, but they're usually designed for cutting machines like Cricut. But if you have an SVG file you like, you can certainly download it and print it on your sublimation printer, too!

What Software Should You Use for Sublimation?

Once you've downloaded a sublimation design, you don't need any special software to open it and print it. Your computer will open it in its default photo viewer, and you can print it directly from there.

But let's say you want to edit these design files, or break out and create your own custom designs.

Here are some great pieces of software you can use to edit these images or create unique designs:

Sublimation Design Mistakes to Avoid

Not all is fair in design and business. Here are some big mistakes you want to avoid when downloading and using sublimation designs you find online. 

Follow this advice to avoid costly legal troubles for your crafting business.

  • Do not resell designs as your own. You should always check license information carefully when you download a file. Most licenses allow you to sell products made with designs, but you can't resell the digital file. You usually can't include it in template files either.
  • Read the license carefully. We’re starting to sound like a broken record, but this is SO important. You don't want to start selling products only to find out you've broken a rule with your original license. Some sites require you to mention the source of your free design in your product description, while others ask you to modify the design before using it on a product.
  • Steer clear of Facebook Groups that "share" premium designs. This is illegal, and if you get found out, your business may be penalized. Generally, one purchase of one design means ONE person is allowed to use it.
  • Avoid using trademarked images. We know Disney-themed goods are in high demand, but it's illegal to use trademarked images and likenesses like Disney, sports teams, or pop stars in your products for sale.
  • Look carefully at websites before downloading. If it looks fishy, it probably is! Some blogs steal premium designs from other creators and offer them for free or low cost. Your clue? Look at product images for watermarks or brand names that don't match the business selling the designs.

How to Use Sublimation Designs

Now you've got your prized sublimation design, and you're ready to turn it into t-shirts, tumblers, and pillowcases. Where to begin?

We’ve got you!

Check out these tutorials to help you get started with sublimation printing and crafting:

Now let us know in the comments... where are you in your sublimation crafting journey? What kind of prints are you excited to make?

And finally, sometimes reading blogs and trying to do it on your own isn't enough, so we also recommend joining a crafting community you can turn to when you have questions. 

For example, our Facebook Group! It’s a great place to meet with thousands of other sublimation crafters and learn from them. We'll see you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I get free designs for sublimation?

Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, Craft House SVG, Canva, and Hungry JPEG offer hundreds of free designs you can use for sublimation, and most are OK for commercial use.

What are the free apps for sublimation?

You don't need an app to do sublimation, but if you want a free app to create designs for sublimation printing, you can try Canva or Inkscape.

Can I use Canva for sublimation?

Yes, you can make designs in Canva for sublimation! You can upload any of the free sublimation designs featured in this article or use one of hundreds of free Canva templates to create a design. (Check out Canva's t-shirt, tote bag, and sweatshirt designs for starters.)

How do I create sublimation designs to sell?

You can start with free sublimation designs that include a commercial license. Or use a design software to create your own designs from a template (or from scratch)! We've included our recommended places to download free designs and all license information above.

Where can I find free sublimation designs for commercial use?

Creative Fabrica, Digital Bundles, Glitter Moonshine, Craft House SVG, Crella, Printable Cuttable Creatables, Canva, Hungry JPEG, Jennifer Maker, and Poofy Cheeks offer free sublimation designs that are OK for commercial use. Find all the links and more info in this article.

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