10 Pack - Misprint/Destash Mystery Box

10 Pack - Misprint/Destash Mystery Box

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*NOTE, when purchasing this mystery listing you could receive any type of tumbler/bottle/cup from our product line. The items will be in working condition. They are NOT guaranteed to have a box, straw nor care card. The type of lid may vary. It could be slide lid, flip lid, or open port lid. The packaging box could be damaged or NO box at all, but the items are guaranteed to be in good condition. The items could have a misprint (UV Print or Laser Engraving) on it as well. *Limit 1 per purchase

What is a misprint? 

These tumblers are UV printed or laser engraved and can be stripped with acetone or CitriStrip to be used for epoxy and glitter. Or you can simply customize right over the existing print.

What is destash?

These are tumblers that have been purchased in bulk due to a liquidation and we pass the savings on to you! There are no issues with the product and are ready to use for engraving, epoxying, crafting or just grabbing a drink!